Club: My mental disorder

Red light district in Ghent, Belgium...
Red light district in Ghent, Belgium…

If I had to choose a moment in time
To take with me into eternity
I would choose this…

Into Eternity

-Jens Lekman

Hangover makes me feel pretty moody, and maybe that’s why I’ve created this blog today. A place made of my photos, one of my main obsessions in life. There is a lot of magic in every little thing that I have had chance to photograph, and now I would like to take that magic to a new level.

Photography is not just about getting the best gear or post it on your fav social network. The magical essence of photography is extended to what people can feel or create after seeing an image on a digital screen. In my case, I like to keep my eyes looking at the photographies for minutes and minutes.

I’ve got worried about my “picturephilia”. I mean, I don’t know someone else who shares the same kind of joy as I do. So, I’ve asked to people who is studying psychiatry for some advice regarding this rare behaviour. I was concern that looking at pictures for prolonged periods of time could form part of the symptoms related to a strange mental disorder.

They’ve told me that it is completely normal and I shouldn’t be worried at all. I guess, they should be right, but what if not??? Therefore, I think writing a blog about photos could be a good excuse to explore my “picturephilia”. A way of sharing the magic that cause on me every little element in each created photo. Images that I have created with a lot of effort and love, and that I really hope you can enjoy as much as I do!


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