Smile and don’t be shy…


Have you and her been taking pictures of your obsessions?
Because I met a kid who went through one of your sessions
In his blue velour and silk

The stars of track and field

-Belle & Sebastian

November or December? Not sure when I have taken this picture. However, I do remember that the two beautiful ladies appearing on the featured photo where born in Moldavia. A small country in Eastern Europe.

No doubts that people from that part of the world is warm and charming. Two adjectives that fit really well to describe the two women on the picture. The image brings to my memory a party which was organized for us in request of our weird host. A party where M and N danced rhythms from all around the world during the entire night.

I remember that I’ve improvised a kind of ballet-opera. The smiley lady on the left of the photo was my partner in such as magnificent performance. M was playing the role of a princess and I was the classic guy who is rejected by the beautiful lady. However, I was ready to fight for her love, and have the pleasure of sleep at her feet.


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