Little Jazz

Little Jazz

Jeith has stopped exactly on the corner of Alfred Place and Horfield Rd. Her smiling is getting bigger and bigger. I’m picturing out a quarter of watermelon on her face. A smile made of red flesh, and decorated with shiny obsidian stones of drop-like shape – Ah, this picture of her is hilarious!

I look around many times, kind of looking for something, but uncertain of what to look for. My head is moving slowly from left to right and the other way around. Horfield Rd is so simple, no matter what side of the road you look at.

– Hey, don’t forget our adventurous traveller! – My thoughts are focused on her person again. -Phew! Jeith is still there at the meeting of two curvy roads. I’m glad that she hasn’t disappeared after my mental distraction.

Jeith’s face is being protected by the branches of a beautiful and massive cherry tree. That watermelon-like smiling is still upon her face. There’s a transit sign just aside the enormous cherry tree. The message give way seems to be a divine sign for what I’ll tell to you in the following lines.

Jesus’ face is projected on white curtains. The curtains were covering a big window at the intersection of Alfred Place and Horfield Rd. The surrounding is in complete silence. Jeith seems to be frozen after the happening of such as spontaneous event. Although the majority of the scene fades into black and white tones, the sky, the cherry flowers, the transit sign and the Jeith’s watermelon-like smile turns into a kind of blue tones


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