-Walking and dreaming in a traffic sign. Dynamics vs statics…. Hmmm… Weird thing – isn’t? I mean, not that these are odd activities for humans. However, i cannot explain to myself why this picture should be discussed.

-What was about that conversation over shower the other morning? I have a slight feeling that it explains why this photo has become a kind of obsession…

-Early showers have something special when random inspiration is a matter – haven’t they? Running water over your body seems something associated to sexual encounters, but not to a source of random thoughts.

-I reckon this kind of situations resembles of the status of being drunk. You know, you have some alcohol running through out your veins and you feel like a poet…you think, awesome, this is just the best verse that someone has ever created…but, your marvelous poem evaporates the day later as soon as you’re sober…

– I guess, thoughts are likely to get some of the properties associated to their original source. For example, random thoughts coming out of having showers or drinking alcohol become more volatile because the original source is a liquid such as water or ethanol, which boiling points are relatively low or just these are liquids can easily being vaporated. It is not like, for example, when random thoughts come after walking or meditating for long hours.

-Maybe, that’s right!


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