Things get easily decolourised, if you think about them twice…

Things loose color if you double think about them,,,

‘Happy birthday,” he said. ‘May you live a rich and fruitful life, and may there be nothing to cast dark shadows on it.’

Birthday girl, Haruki Murakami…

‘Here I am… more northern than ever… mmm… it could be worse – Couldn’t it?…’ He said to himself with a doubtful tone of voice. ‘Well, you never know how things may work at the end… this may really be for good’ he said whilst he was staring at that bunch of bicycles.

Suddenly, a ghostly image of her was reflected on that pool. She was cycling by in front of his eyes. Everything seemed so vivid for him, the narrow road, the double yellow guide lines over the ground and the giant sunflower at the top of the mouldy wooden fence.

‘Oh no!’ He was feeling completely terrified, his nightmare was following him and now it has found a way to sneak into reality through this puddle. He put his hands upon on his face and lean down a bit as if he could make himself invisible. He felt as if he were about to scream in horror, but then he shut down his mouth and bit his tongue. ‘It’s her, it’s her…She has followed me all the way up to here, but how?’ He whispered as if she could hear him. 

She didn’t look aware of either someone else was in the same road or stared at her from the distance. She just looked as any other cyclist submerged into the thoughts of the day, whilst he was shaken in fear by the idea of being discovered by her. ‘When is this going to stop?’ He thought for himself…and finally her presence faded out, as the waves do, at the end of the pond after an eternity has gone for him…

‘Who would have imagined that I will  have become a fugitive?’ He hit with his fist against his both laps several times, and cried out with a childish outburst.

 ‘Yeah, she’s a monster… How come there is people ready to throw a smile or a glimpse to any stranger without respecting their personal space?’ He said  whilst slowly stepped into the puddle. Each step stronger than the previous one, as if he were trying to knock down the man reflected on the water… One, two, three, maybe four steps, and then he began to sink into the mirror of water…


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