I made two complete rounds of the channels before settling on a news programme, A border clash, a fire, exchange rates going up and down, a new limit on car imports, an outdoor winter swim meet, a family suicide. All these bits of news seemed somehow connected, like people in a high school graduation photo.

‘Any interesting news?’ my friend asked as he came back into the room.

‘Not really,’ I said.

‘Do you watch a lot of TV?’

I shook my head.’I don’t have a TV.’

‘There’s at least one good thing about TV,’ he said after a while.  ‘You can shut it off whenever you like. And nobody complains.’

New York Mining Disaster, Haruki Murakami

‘I imagine you should be so happy now – shouldn’t you?’ I said looking at him, almost in tears, almost laughing. ‘I still cannot embrace the creepy idea behind such as silly joke. Are we really trying to prove something?’ he looked at me, and laughed out loud.

‘Maybe, I guess that I just want to see how much we can stretch our fortune.’ He smiled again whilst his sight was staring at the white snow.

We kept silence for few minutes.

‘C’mon man, are you not fucking enjoying this? Can’t you feel we are playing against the system, our own fate?’ He kept staring at the snow. ‘I mean, if you weren’t ok with this then you should just fight against me, and not be my accomplice in such as terrible joke. – don’t you think so?’

I shook my head, and a small drop dripped down from my eyes.

‘Once in life we are doing what we haven’t been told to do. And you’re just disapproving our courage to do, once in life, what we’d like to do and not what others wanted us to do.’ He spitted at the snow, closed his feast with anger, as if a deep pain coming out from his heart was driving his strenght.


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