they were simply not

crazy enough

in the head

to sit down to a


and let the words bang out.

they didn’t want to


they wanted to

succeed at writing.

Between races, Charles Bukowski…

It’s dark outside, another day has gone…I was so optimistic this morning. ‘I’m about to conquer the world!’ I’ve said when I woke up this Sunday morning… How mistaken I was!..

Bukowski and K. Dick in essence are who have inspired me to become a writer: taciturn and theologist. I’m just guessing and writing nonsense words about them – I’m conscious about that. I don’t care, because I am certain that no one is going to run over me to just judge me at any random day. As if I were going out for a walk around the city, and then someone could recognize me as the silly writer of this blog – Ha! My name is Niuki; by the way, in case that happens that you may bump me on the street and you want to argue what I’ve said in Puhuye.

I just want to clarify one thing that may make my statement true. Let’s say that a randomer recognized me on the street and ask me to join for a coffee to just discuss what I’m claiming about what Bukowski and K. Dick are as writers. If this situation could actually happen in my life then, technically, I would have became what I’m aspiring to be…

Anyway, I wonder if these two guys met when they were still alives. If this happened then what kind of stuff they did or talk about?

I saw this boring film called Waking Life the other night. I maybe consider this film boring because I did not understand it. Another appreciation of why I didn’t like it is because what was expressed there about reality and science was full of shit. I reckon, a combination of both factors made the film boring for me. The only interesting part of the film was when Phillip K. Dick is referred on the film. It’s about the essay Dick’s written regarding his novel Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said. An essay about reality and dreams which can be read it here: How to Build a Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later


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