Life is so unfair….

When you wake up feeling old//

Who knows anything? I don’t know
There are so many things I must leave alone
Some strange person is calling you their home
Can you be where you want to be?

When you wake up feeling old, Wilco

My left arm feels stupid, a tickling goes by all along my arm from the finger tips to my elbow. The tickling increases a lot right on my wrist – I wonder if excessive wanking off is the reason? It is just that I am trying to avoid this feeling of uncertainty which produces insomnia and crappy words by streaming bad porn… this forever-loneliness stuff puts my world down. Regarding this forever-loneliness stuff let me tell you a personal story.

I had an emotional breakdown few months ago and I have been offered to visit an specialist for help. I took it, there’s nothing wrong about it. You know me, I love to experiment and take any opportunity offered for free.

Trees, lamps, cars, buildings, literally everything is being sunk in a solid fog – Oh God! May this be the end of my world? I guess any piece of double glazed glass could stop the poisonous fog to leak into my room. So, shall I just open the door and being easy about it? Why or who am I to make Death’s job painful – isn’t it?


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