Mega pussy

Postcard from Soledad

I got drunk and fell asleep at top the sheets but luckily I left the heater on. And in my dreams I wrote the best song that I’ve ever written…can’t remember how it goes.
I stayed drunk and fell awake and I was cycling on a plane and far away i heard you say you liked me.
We drifted to a party – cool… The people went to arty school. They made their paints by mixing acid wash and lemonade

History Eraser,

Sunday morning, still drunk from last night at Britannia, nothing that few zips of Chopin vodka cannot fix. Today might be not a very exciting day, or at least, that is what I can infer from my first glance at the outside. The sky is swamped with heavy sheets of clouds, monochromatic postcard with a written message from my beloved Soledad. I reckon that she’s now travelling somewhere close to Campeche, the white city. Anyways, as I’ve said I’ve got the feeling that this may be not be the best day in my life – dam it! Why not any other day, but Sunday? The day of my jerking off trip to Tallin.

Going from Helsinki to Tallinn on he ferry overnight is pretty much fun, and somehow the thing that keeps my hope in life on in the last years. Some people might think that the importance of carrying out this trip every weekend is driven by my love to alcohol, pretty ladies, Bingo and karaoke. I would not try to lie to anyone in here: such as premises are not entirely wrong, but neither completely true. There’s more that you won’t be able to grasp if you do not belong to this Moomi world.

Tourists have called my beloved Helsinki-to-Tallinn party a jungle on a boat. I just like to call it bloody paradise: cheeky drinks for less than 10 euro, unforgettable karaoke acts, ridiculous pub quiz, sticky-dancy music, an infinite selection of alcohol with reduced taxation rate ready to take home in a sober trolley, and, last but not least, the most beautiful chicks in the world – Seriously, what else could you ask for?



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