My Chopin

My Chopin

Sun, we upon the cloud
Cry, sounds from far below
Drums, cover up the sound
Splash, blood upon the ground
Boom, harken to the sound
Sun, silence all around
One, no one around

Toe Cutter
Thee Oh Sees

-What kind of womanizer are you?- a sexy raspy voice-over hits the wall and then bounce to the epicentre of my everything. Hands inside of the front pockets of my terracotta trousers, head sunk in shoulders and a gentle spinning of my upper body to mischievously say that I dunno, but surely we’ll find out.

-Ha! Bullshit, my darling, just bully-shit- A grin on my face, hands ready to bring the lapel of my blue blazer towards the sky, and a sight whom spell can knock socks off of any absent-minded chick who crosses paths with The Cure.

-How should I put it? My luck with girls is not just based on knowing the state-of-the-art of how to make girls to urgently feel that exchanging human fluids through passionate kisses is the key for the survival of that little thing called love. – The sharp end of my velvet lapel is rocketing towards the sky, and the needle is dropping down on the Floating Coffin.

-Nope, it’s not what kind of stereotype I choose to wear for every Sunday noon to bring the attention of the grrrls on the boat. Not at all.- A deadly arrow is launched towards my body from her best annoyance face. And then I just laugh to protect my heart.-Ok, just hold on for a sec your craziness, please, tell me: Where did you put my trainers in black and yellow?-  She’s pretty upset, her face cannot lie. I cannot restrain myself from throwing my lips forward and practice my tongue skills on kissing that dirty ice cold mirror. I am done after feeling that the fuzz on my mouth has faded away. I laugh as you and everyone else does when one is sure that there’s no one around.

-Ok, ok, no more silly games…- Deep breathing, tiny and calming silence, to then say: coincidences my love, those are the things that really matters for my success in the odd and competitive field of casual love…- Face in blank, the kind that puts you a stamp on the forefront which says to the world in capital letters how stupid you are for her…Yeah, that’s my girl!

-And, yeah! Although well established rules to make coincidences falling into the right place and in good timing are unknown for human beings, there is one thing that you should know and ever never let it go: create your own kick-off ritual.- Every single word that you have read was said on the most solemn and frank way that I can know.

-What? Are you asking what is mine?- I hesitate a bit, inhale deeply and… -Well, you know, in theory you should keep this kind of things for yourself. It is a personal thing that can loose its power just by being openly transmitted to any one.- Groaning is her reaction of sympathy when I’m just about to reveal one of my most precious secrets and put at risk my last hope for life.

-I will tell you, just because I love you…And because I am a megapussy when I have the feeling that you might disappear forever from my life. I drink thirstily a third of my Chopin in just one opening move. I drink not just to find eloquence in my words, but for not caring too much about the fate of this message in a bottle, shipwrecking in the immensity…

Dancing around and playing air guitar, that’s the magic of Thee Oh Sees



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