Puhuye=rain, a word which brings sounds, images and feelings…

The blogger

My name is Niuki which means voice. Niuki is a word that comes from the Wixárika language (also known as Huichol; pronounced as wee-CHOLE). I was born before someone has danced for the very first time on earth. Dancing is a way to keep present updated with the past.

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Origin of Puhuye

Puhuye (rain in Wixárika) has the aim to share thoughts evoked by photographs. Looking carefully and for prolonged periods of time at photographs, objects and people, is one of my favourite hobbies. Sometimes, Staring goes beyond simple feelings of joy and turns up into thoughts of any kind that I consider worthy to share. Hence, here I am to write about memories, feelings, reflections and stories inspired from my own photographs.


Wixárika is the language of the Wixaritari, which is a Mexican native culture living in the Sierra Madre Occidental. The Wixaritari is one of the few Mexican native cultures that didn’t allow Catholic evangelization in its communities. Recently, The Wixaritari tribe is trying to find its way to survive  several political abuses. Recently, the Mexican government have tried to deprive Wixaritari people of their lands.  The plan of moving the Wixariti tribe out of their lands lands has been motivated by national and international companies which are interested in exploiting the forest and mineral resources.

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Puhuye by Niuki is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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